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about the founder

Eisha Branner, is now the Founder/CEO of her own nonprofit called E-Community Outreach Services.





My Reason


My reason for starting

E-Community Outreach Services was to help where I can maintain strong, healthy communities throughout the County. I believe this can be achieved by supporting all families, and especially the needs of our future generation.  


Eisha Branner, a native of Pontiac, MI a dedicated mother of 4 beautiful daughters (Destinee, Micah, Jala, Jerma’nee) has been an amazing leader and example of tenacity, endurance and bravery amongst her peers and youth in the city of Pontiac. Eisha Branner is a proud graduate class of 2002 from Pontiac Central high school. She continued her educating following her graduation attending Oakland Community College. Eisha received her associated degree in Applied Science in Criminal Justice Corrections in 2009, graduated with her bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Administration in 2012 from University of Phoenix. Shortly after she went and pursued her master’s in human services with a specialization in Multidisciplinary Human Services in 2017. 


As a “Career professional”,  Eisha Branner created a nonprofit organization in 2015 that was a mentoring program for young boys. Eisha named it “Fitness &Mentoring”. This was a program for just boys ages 8-16 at the time. The kids in the program would meet once a week for 4 hours for 8-weeks. All kids that were registered in the mentor program parents also received one on one case management and resources. During their meet, they worked out, hear from positive male speakers, and was taught social skills. In 2016 Eisha joined forces with the PAL League to expand the Fitness & Mentoring Program and also complete a mentor grant that was awarded from National PAL.  Since the partnership, Eisha has served over 500 youth in her community with mentoring, wraparound services for the families, and fitness.  In 2019 The Sheriff PAL program hired Eisha Branner full time to be the Community Outreach Director for the Organization. 


The passion and purpose of such successes evolved from childhood therapeutic measures such as mentoring and sports programs. Growing up around drug infested crime stricken and low poverty neighborhoods such as Pontiac, Eisha Branner founded Fitness and Mentoring to assist with some of the community needs. As a young visionary, Eisha was inspired to become a mentor to the attention starved youth mostly single parent households. This enthusiasm couple with diligent efforts proved to be a springboard to success for many of the youth in the city of Pontiac and surrounded cities. Growing every day, Fitness & Mentoring now serves approximately over 300 girls and boys participating in the mentoring program. With an ever-evolving curriculum, Fitness & Mentoring also provides life skills, training mentorship and tutoring programs. Fitness & Mentoring works diligently to offer programs that ensure their youth obtain the general concept of sportsmanship, teamwork and love for their community. The program fosters a gateway to diversity, cultural awareness and positive experiences. 


In December 2019, Eisha Branner decided to part ways with the Oakland County Sheriff PAL program and pursue her dreams. She is now the Founder/CEO of her own nonprofit called E-Community Outreach Services. E-Community Outreach Services was created to help families in need achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through case management services, community resources, and other support services.

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