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E-Community Outreach Services is an organization whose origins are framed by the experiential wisdom gained along its founder’s journey as a woman of color confronting personal, financial, and inherent social equity constraints while parenting children within socioeconomically difficult conditions troubling the city. Its founder desires to ease the challenges that fellow Pontiac parents face while nurturing their families and themselves. 



E-Community Outreach Services identifies and connects Pontiac’s parents with community resources, including tangible items and services that provide human essentials and opportunities that help sustain the integrity of the city’s most vulnerable families. Whether connecting clients to community organizations that offer workforce training and employment opportunities or directing parents toward local food banks, for example, the organization improves clients’ overall stability while bridging partnerships with cooperative community organizations in Pontiac.  Additionally, E-Community Outreach Services is entrusted with and manages the collection and distribution of supplies donated by Pontiac community cohorts that are also vested in family wellness. 


Most important to E-Community Outreach Services is creating a relationship-driven and trusted community of parents raising their families in Pontiac by hosting and leading parent engagement events, developing and implementing family empowerment programs, and acting as a committed parent advocate.

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