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Parent Advisory Team


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Come join our Parent Advisory Team and help us grow as a community!

Our parent advisory team mission is to increase parent involvement in our community, bring awareness to parent-oriented concerns, and be a support system for parents so they may support each other! 

Meeting Schedule

December 10, 2022

January 14, 2023

February 11, 2023

March 11, 2023

April 8, 2023

More Meetings to come! 



We hope to see you there!

Connecting Parents to resources that will help them strive

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Membership Benefits

  • Receive a Membership Card to use for discounts 

  • Access to all Community Resources available  

  • Receive updated news on E-Community Outreach Services

  • Register for  all Parents/Youth available programs

  • Discounts from Businesses in the community that are partnered up with us

  • Connect with other parents 

Quotes from our Parents

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“It has made me recognize how supportive i can be for my family and be their strength” - Romona G


“What I enjoyed most about the program was the engagement and realness of conversations.  It makes me realize that I am not alone in the things that I do and endure as a parent.” - Brooke M


 “I liked the connection with the other parents and the different perspectives from each. I feel      empowered and encouraged to continue along this journey of motherhood.” - Traynea S


“They gave me the resources to help my children in literacy or reading. It has impacted my life because am helping my kids more” -Tania R


“I am really enjoying this program.  I have learned a lot that has benefited me and my children.  I received tips that have helped me with scheduling, programs that would help with literacy, and overall being the best parent for my children.” - Tywanna R


“It's definitely given me advice that I can use as a single mom” -Unknown


“The information and tips to help work with children and different issues in the program really helped my daughter and building her Literacy skills really built her confidence.”- Unknown


“During the program I was given plenty of resources to help accommodate my needs and others who may need the services.”- Cheyenne G

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